ECO FIX - Corporate Eco-Efficiency Report


Eco-efficiency is a key environmental management tool to help companies and organizations develop sustainably.  It is based on the concept of products and services using fewer resources and producing less waste and pollution.


The ECO-FIX eco-efficiency report increases resource efficiency and reduces environmental impact. It is focused on the characterization, quantification and corporate management of the sources, usage and treatment of:



The program harmonizes systems and methods to produce standardized eco-efficiency reports that are understandable, comparable and meaningful for the decision makers.


Investors are increasingly requiring companies to search for strategies that reduce the environmental impact caused by their activities while at the same time increasing their market value. The goal of best practice environmental management therefore requires organizations to increase eco-efficiency by reducing environmental impact while adding value to the project.


Statistical analyses of the results will provide clear and objective identification of the required actions and initiatives to achieve improved environmental performance for the organization. 



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