The CARBON FIX Program is a tool that enables the management of an organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by measuring them. It produces a GHG emissions inventory, or “Carbon Footprint” that represents the total emissions produced in a given period from the activities of the organization.


The footprint generates a detailed assessment of the organization’s emissions from a range of sources. These can include production activity / sector / stage / function sources; type of gas emitted; specific machine and operator; and energy source. It defines the emissions source boundaries, enabling the tracking of inefficient units, revealing wasteful operations and detailing specific characteristics within an organization.


Management of this information is possible via statistical analyses of the results of the footprint. This shows the actual performance of the organization and accurately reveals any inefficiencies, enabling decision-makers to implement focused, cost-saving improvements to specific operational areas.


The benefits of the CARBON FIX program include:


Accordingly, the CARBON FIX program is a powerful tool in ensuring the environmental and economic management of an organization’s activities. 


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