ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS has been developing carbon credit projects since 2007.

The company has attended international carbon market conferences and trade fairs, including Carbon Expo, a major carbon conference in Cologne (2012), and the Latin American Carbon Forum in Bogota (2014), where it signed a strategic partnership with ALLCOT GROUP , a leading Swiss environmental commodities trading company with a global client portfolio. Thanks to this partnership, ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS has been active in the traded carbon credit markets, originating credits and assessing projects since 2014.





ALLCOT GROUP is a Swiss environmental services company that develops and trades sustainable energy and forestry carbon credits in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the U.S., and Latin America. With expertise in the international compliance and voluntary carbon markets, ALLCOT has a reputation for innovation and market-leading service.”


In addition to its long experience, ALLCOT GROUP holds membership of the following organizations:


This partnership gives ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS a broader product portfolio and geographic reach enabling it to provide solutions for all of its clients’ environmental commodities requirements. 




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